A Good Day

Lately, I really haven’t been home much. I work 2x a week, clean for a couple hours every other week, and then if I am home, i’m busy working on aprons!
Well I currently have no aprons on the go.  Actually, I Just picked up fabric for oh maybe 8 more aprons! BUT, they haven’t started to take over my living room yet! I’m enjoying the break from the aprons but am anxious to start these new aprons next week.
Anyways, last week, Jed was working for his dad on the ranch and I had no aprons to work on, and I love being outside Especially with Jed, so I spent the day tagging along with Jed! And it was his birthday so it was extra special!
Calving has started so when the feeding of the cows gets done, the calves hopefully get weighed+tagged, moved along and then a ‘job of the day’ gets started. I was loving being with Jed, Sassie (dog) and seeing the new calves!

This little dog just loooves me. And Jed. But me the most. If she knows i’m in my house, she generally naps outside my door just waiting for me. So you can imagine how excited she was when both Jed AND I spent the Whole day outside! I just love this pic of Jed holding her hahaa! img_5592
She just loves being petted. She was going in for a slobber here though! img_5571
Ah. The new calves. I always forget how small and adorable they are! I looove love watching the relationship between the mama and her new babe. Will never tire of it!

weighing+tagging the calf

The first calf of the year! Love it’s little face! There’s about 15 or so now. Maybe more? They’re falling out daily so I’ve lost track!
img_5570I love this time of year! My favourite thing is seeing the mama and her baby and their first 20 minutes together. The mom just constantly talks to her baby, licks it dry, nudges it to stand up, and then with super wobbly legs it stands up within 10-20 minutes or so. It just knows to go look for it’s milk and mama helps it along. It’s just beautiful!
Once the calves all get older, a few weeks old, they run and run in packs with their tails up and kicking their feet! So much cuteness!!