Future Milk Cow 

I’m getting a milk cow. And I am beyond excited for her! The problem however, is that she is just not quite two weeks old. And she won’t be lactating until she’s 2 years old. Sooooo I’ve got 2 years to wait before I can begin milking her. I’ve already started pinteresting milk cow related blogs and dreaming about all the fresh milk recipes . Ugh!!

My father in law AI’d (artificially inseminated) one of the cows to a Brown Swiss this past May. AI-ing is never a 100% guarantee that the cow got pregnant. Their cycle has to be in complete sync, the semen used has to be good, etc etc. Same as when humans do the in vitro pregnancy, (or whatever it’s called). Anyways, my point is, just because this cow was bred to a milk cow, doesn’t mean it’ll get pregnant by it!(vs the clean up Bulls). So we passed that “IF”. But then there was the chance it was a bull calf and not a heifer. Well, lucky for me, she got pregnant with brown Swiss semen AND she had a heifer calf! (They say that the AI-ing has a 60% success rate. And then there’s the 50-50% chance it’ll be a heifer calf. So basically, I had a 30% chance of getting my milk cow!) The amount of excitement I had/still have for this future with my milk cow will just drive jed nuts haha!!

Meet Daisy! I had trouble settling for a name for her. It helped that the name had to be short enough to fit on an ear tag. I had once wanted to name my kid Daisy, had a Daisy themed room as a kid, and daisies are simply my *favourite* or always loving flower. So it just seemed fitting to name my milk cow Daisy! Jed even drew a Daisy on her ear tag. I’m writing this from my phone and it’s automatically capitalizing the d of Daisy. My phone gets that it’s not just a flower but  name. I like that.

She’s brown, has a special teal/turquoise ear tag with a name and not a number. She is already special! Now to have the next two years fly by!


One thought on “Future Milk Cow 

  1. Love the tag! She’s very stylish already…..what a spoiled cow she will be. She had no idea, yet, how lucky she is.

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