About Me

I am Nikala.
I started this blog for a few reasons. I find it ‘makes’ me sit down and write every few days weeks so that I can look back and see what we did a few months back. That’s the main reason that keeps this blog alive.  I am originally from Northern BC (Canada) so I *hope* that this blog can keep my friends and family back north updated on our life in SE Montana.

For starters, I spend a Ton of time outside. There are 3 dogs here on the family ranch who love love long walks with me through pastures, through creeks and over rocks in desperate hopes of catching a rabbit! We try and gt out for a walk every day …no matter where we go, those dogs Love it!
In the summer the walks get forgotten because snakes come out. And I don’t like snakes.  They like to hide in long grasses. So I keep my garden very nicely weeded, so they can’t hide on me. (This happened once. I was scared for weeks. I grew up with moose in my backyard, and they Can’t hide on you).
I have a flock of chickens that also love me. Or maybe love the treats I give them. And they give me eggs. So it’s perfect. They are completely free range and they can be found all over the place! I love seeing them in one spot at one time of the day and then later on they’re completely across the yard!  I think everyone needs chickens in their life.
I have about a 3000sqft garden that is my absolute love. All winter I browse beautiful, inspiration pinterest gardens and dream of mine. Come spring my window sills are filled with little seedlings. And in the summer I live out in my garden weeding, pruning, eating, watching. Come the fall and i’m busy canning tomatoes, freezing corn, preserving the harvest, and making aprons.
Everyday I’m loving being in the kitchen even more. I’ve never Not liked it, but lately my husband has been out of town working so I haven’t had to make a nice meal (because I can live on soup+cereal for supper!) but when he does come home and i’m busy in the kitchen, I realize just how much I missed it! I love making everything from scratch. It’s so fun, so satisfying and so good for you!

I’ve simply come to love and embrace the simplicity that is so often lost in today’s generation. Simplicity of free range chickens- Gathering eggs in the afternoon-Long walks through pastures-Days and nights spent helping the cows bring new life onto the ranch-Everything that gardening entitles-canning fresh produce-Quiet mornings with the only sound being happy dogs, content cows and foraging chickens.

My husband has built us a little 400sqft house in the corner of my inlaws shop. Click here to see pictures of our house.  He has an art degree (and a spanish degree) but has done construction since he was 12. Combine art+construction and you’ve got a beautiful house!

I also make ruffled aprons. They’re just darling. If you are on Facebook or Instagram, follow me there! “TheRuffledChick” or on etsy as well.  I do blog occasionally about my apron making.

As usual, I have no shortage of words.  So goodbye. And thanks for reading. Feel free to drop a line and let me know where you are reading from!



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