Evelyn the Mannequin

My sister in law has started a little mobile+online clothing boutique with the cutest+comfiest clothes! (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1171644692863874/) She bought a mannequin to model the clothes for her and so kindly lets me use her, Evelyn, for my apron modelling!
Here are some of my most recent aprons I’ve made, and Evelyn modelling them for me!

I had to make myself another apron. I do tons of canning in the fall and found that tomatoes were staining my light coloured apron. So I made myself this one; chickens because I love my chickens, sunflowers because they’re I love them, and red to hide the stains! Totally not my colour or style, but it’ll hide all the canning stains. Plus you can never have too many aprons! 
I hadn’t poked the button holes through prior to taking this picture and didn’t realize until I was outside and trying to hurry! So I apologize for how the cat apron is awkwardly put on the mannequin 
You can never go wrong with red, grey, black and white! 
A matching ‘mommy and me’ set! 

Apron Favourites

I thought I would do a post on my favourite aprons to date. But then once going through my pictures, I realized I love them all.
The majority of these aprons I have made for friends+family. So I know who is getting the apron and I may not love the fabric, but I may love how perfect it is for the recipient!  Its funny how it works. I choose fabric that I like. I don’t choose fabric that is ugly, in my opinion! I choose fabric which matches, goes and is what the customer wanted, more or less. It seems that even though I may not be a pink or purple girl that I love the outcome! Guess that just goes to show that I just love the whole process of the apron making! So thank YOU for supporting me! It may not bring in a whole bunch of money, but it allows me to buy lots of fabric that is extremely tempting at fabric stores, and keeps me busy so I don’t go crazy!

I have made I think 4 aprons with these fabrics/colour combinations. They are by far one of my favourite combinations.
I LOVE how these animal ones turned out! I’ll admit, I was a little hesitant when I was choosing the fabric because I felt it just wasn’t Quite Quite right. But then I made the aprons and don’t think I would change a thing about these adorable matching mom and girl aprons!
I have a few different yet similar aprons like this…soft and feminine colours. They’ve been fairly popular and I had always wanted to make one since I love how they look, even though they aren’t “me”!
And of course my Own apron. I decided I needed at least one of my own aprons to start with. Do you know how hard it is to choose fabric for an apron for yourself?! Near impossible. I like blues, and turquoises, and yellows and then i’ll see something totally different yet love that! But I stuck to grey+yellow because that’s one combination I’ve loved for years. Our wedding colours were turquoise, yellow and grey, I have turquoise+yellow dishes, and other things. But chose to stick to just grey and yellow since there was tons of fabric to go!  I do need to make myself another apron that is in darker colours for when I make anything chocolate, tomato, or basically anything that isn’t flour ha! My apron is already getting stained, which is a good thing since that means it’s being used! And I wear my apron ALL the time!
And this little halfie. I love the halfies! I think they’re just darling. This just looks like the happiest apron ever!
And this one. I just LOVED this one so much! I think its that turquoise fabric that I just love. And i’m kicking myself I didn’t get a better picture. gr. Maybe one day I’ll have better lighting in my house to take apron pics!

These are some of my favourites. And I feel that that’s hardly the truth since I like them all! Hard to have favourites when you get to choose the fabric yourself!