Canning Tomatoes 

I love canning. I love the whole process of it. I love that in a way, it starts back in February when I start tomato plants, with canning them in mind, just 8 months later.

I think I planted around 30-40 plants this year. Well, that many survived. It seems like a lot but when I was able to eat fresh ones to my hearts content, share them, make sauces and then can them, it’s a good amount. This year I canned up 28 jars of chopped up tomatoes. Plus some sauce too!

I don’t know how some manage to be able to can alllll their tomatoes at the same time. Mine are Never All ripe and ready to go into the canner! I think I’ve canned some up 3 or 4 different times this season! Which is fine by me because I looove the canning!

Nothing beats being able to open a jar of tomatoes, that I have watched in its every stage of its little tomato life, in the middle of the winter for a hot soup on a cold day!


aaand 2 months later

-I’ve had many great intentions to update this blog but of course those intentions stayed intention and never turned into success.
-our internet SUCKS beyond worth. I’ve actually called and complained to our horrible provider and basically there are too many people (4 families) on the internet line. And there’s nothing they Will do about it. they Say there is a new thing (called fiber optic for those who know about internet savvy stuff) coming in in the fall and we will be on it, buuuut i’m not holding my breath on it. So when the internet sucks, I can’t exactly load up any pictures on here. And what is a blog without pictures? An essay. A short story. A novel. Boring.
-It’s almost August. August. Lets see what happened in June+July.
-garden garden garden. I’ve been spending SO much time in the garden and I love it. Everything is up, flourishing and lots is producing.
-the flowers {zinnias, cosmos, sunflowers, bachelor buttons, yarrow, poppies, and a random collection of other seeds) are all opened up or still yet to open within the next few weeks.
^^my mom gave me this vase and I LOVE it. I love how it looks with the sunflowers and know it’l look sharp with the bright zinnias too
-the corn has tassels. the beans we’ve been eating. the potatoes have flowered and appeared to have died down. the tomatoes are growing. (I ate the first one today!). The zucchinis/squashes are going crazy, of course. the strawberries are done. the peppers are finally flowering. the tomatillos are taking over. the onions have flopped their greens over. the beets are a good size. the greens are likely bitter. and i’m not sure what i left out so it’s not that important.
^^when we got back from 2 weeks up back home

-and the chickens. I have 16 little 13 week chicks. well 7 are about the same sized as my ones that are nearly 1.5years old!
^^these are by far the favourite…3/5 silkies and a mille fleur d’uccle. So unique looking and really gentle+friendly
-When we left for Canada, Nosy Nancy had been sitting on a dozen eggs for about a week. I figured she would hatch them out right when we were due to come back. And she did. just 1. there were 8 eggs in total when I got back. One had cracked the shell and then I saw half the shell off, but a sac still on the chick, so thought maybe I found it mid hatching. But half hour later still nothing. And it had died oddly. Then I attempted to ‘candle’ the eggs (shine a light under the egg to see if there’s anything inside). 2 eggs I was sure was just unfertilized, and so I threw them in the pasture far enough so I wouldn’t smell it but close enough to see if I was right, and thankfully I was! Anyways. She is currently sitting on 4 eggs now but I don’t think anything will turn out of those ones. It’s been longer than normal. Will see.

^^day 1/21 of her sitting                                        ^^first chick!

-and we went to Canada. Took us a total of 5 days driving. Good grief.
^^Lake McDonald, MT {Glacier Park}
^^Moraine Lake, AB {Jasper Park}

-we finally arrived after 3 days driving
-rest of the family arrived by the next day

^^teaching Sophia how to bake!
^^someone brought out allllll the lego so it kept everyone (except mom as she was busy making good food and such)busy at all times!
^^playing a fun lawn game

-and we all got to go to hythe conv. so that was extra special!

^^sisters with our favourite niece!

^and the whole family