May Garden

This spring has been a fairly cool and wet spring. Which isn’t super normal. But it’s super good! The weekend, and today it was all rainy and the last 2 weekends before, it also rained!
I’ve got all my garden in except my peppers and another section of corn. Last week we woke up to a few freezing mornings so my tomatoes were Finally able to get in the ground today. Anyways, pictures are better than words, so here’s some pictures, but some words too.

The Onion Patch.
I wanted Tons of onions. They store great, so why not grow a ton? Well Jed ‘only’ likes walla wallas so I ordered like 200. Well I counted when I put them in and there’s over 400. Oh well. Then I find out that walla wallas do Not store well. Oh well. I’ll freeze and dehydrate them. Then about a month later, I get Another box of onions in the mail. I momentarily panicked and thought I had only received half of my order. Long story short, I called, and they had messed up on sending out the onions, and I got to keep them, free of charge. Needless to say, I was able to give Those ones away!
Anyways. Say hi to the onions.

I’m super stoked for peas this year! So far they are doing MUCH better than mine last year. And sorry for the blurry photo. It was windy, rainy and I was wet and cold!

For greens this year, I planted lettuce, kale, spinach, swish chard, and red and golden beets.

Another poor quality picture. But ALL my tomatoes are in! I think I’ve got not quite 40 planted?! I’m really excited to see how my trellis system works this year. As you can see, I’ve got a cow panel on the left, and will put another one in between the two rows of tomatoes I got anxious and planted! The first row (on the left) should+will stay supported between the two panels. The row on the right, i’ll just weave some twine around them as they grow. Those tomato cages are fairly useless+expensive when you have 40 or so plants!

Chives about to bloom once the sun comes back 

A bean teepee works good to keep kids in! I’ve got peas and some sweet peas planted/growing up it, and then planted sunflowers All around it, and then about a foot away I planted another set of sunflowers so the children will have a little tunnel to go through! I have another bean teepee in the opposite corner which actually has beans planted.
Behind the bean teepee are my strawberries which are beautifully blooming, and then some asparagus at the end and potatoes in the dirt there. Will throw something else in there to make use of the space.
I’ve also transplanted my pathetic looking broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and brussel sprouts. I had them in my cold frame and they were fine but then something came and chopped all the leaves off. Grr.
And my rutabaga! I’ve only eaten it once or twice so figured I might as well try and grow it! It’ll store good too. Unlike my 400+ walla walla onions.
PicMonkey Collagea
And my perennial garden which I obsess over. Jed’s grandma let me dig up a bunch of irises, so I added them to my tulips and few lily’s I had going. Jed helped me put in that cow panel arch (ummm perks of living on a ranch!…cow panels everywhere!) which I have planted sunflowers on the ends of it, hop plants in the middle and scarlet runner beans filling the spaces between. I planted zinnias, poppies, marigolds, asters, daisies, and I’m really not sure what other seeds to fill in where the bulbs are. So cannot wait for this garden to come alive!
PicMonkey Collageaa
And the tulips which I also obsess over.
PicMonkey Collage
This is about all that is up in my garden right now. I noticed today that my wall of sunflowers I planted along the west side of my garden are all starting to poke their little heads through!
I also have potatoes, beans and corn planted. They’re just not as fun nor photogenic.


This Garden

Each year I think I become more obsessed. excited. anxious, stoked, or whatever you call it, about my garden. We’ve had a super warm spring so my itch to plant my garden is on full force.  Each year I learn more and more which makes the anticipation even sweeter.

bulbs are up!


My first year gardening: I had literally no clue what I was doing. My momma is a fantastic gardener, but I didn’t pay much attention or care much growing up. So I was just winging it. I planted in the beginning of June because that’s when I was told to plant. Well turns out that was way late! I mean everything *grew* but we could have had stuff much earlier. The soil was too rich and hadn’t been worked for a few years. I got a few things to eat, but not a whole lot. And then we got a bad hail storm which deformed the corn and did other minimal damage.  I also didn’t have a garden fence so competed with the deer. I refused to do that again…

My second year: I got a garden fence! Unfortunately, those who know how to fence, don’t have ‘fence the garden’ on the top of their lists. So I planted later than I had liked to, but that was ok. My garden did great though! TONS of tomatoes, corn, peppers, a few potatoes, a few beans, (still dealing with the soil too rich problemo) lots of flowers, some greens and probably more things I’m missing.
And now this year. I feel like a gardening expert. I learned from some of my mistakes in my first year which helps each year be better. However, with gardening, you are at the mercy of the weather. We don’t get much/any rain during the summer months, so it’s up to watering from the well.  With this being said, it’s amazing how much a garden comes alive with a bit of rain. The rain does something that water from the tap just can’t do.
Anyways, enough words.
PicMonkey Collage
I uncovered the strawberries last week and I love seeing the green in the garden

I’m not too sure what this is. Maybe a lavatera? It’s the only thing I can think of that it would be.

My garlic and rhubarb came up a few weeks ago. I’m so excited for garlic! I’ve never grown it so it will be interesting to see how it grows here. I planted it in the fall, and I won’t be harvesting it until mid summer/early fall.



I managed to til like 3 rounds in my garden before the tiller Really really quit. I had already gone to town and got one part, so didn’t want to get a belt for it (yesterday.) And now it’s been raining all day so I likely won’t get it tilled until the weekend or next week. But I Love a freshly tilled garden. So much softness!


Our little dog Sassie Loves being near me/Jed. She adopted that spot as ‘her’ spot last year. It’s the north side so nice and shady in the summer. There are 3 dogs here on the ranch, and I try to keep them locked out of my garden at this stage as 12 paws running through the garden is not fun! But she is normally pretty good and is content just being there with me while the other two dogs just seem to want to be in the garden, but not keep still in there!

IMG_5506 FullSizeRender (2)

I’ve got some yarrow up, the Russian Olive is budding, the rhubarb is up, garlic going strong, bulbs taunting me and just Not blooming yet, and strawberries showing colour. My garden is off to a great start and it gives me so much hope. Hopefully within a month I can have my brussels, cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli planted out there, and my tomatoes+peppers moved into their cold frame!